Bulk Sms Service Provider In Mumbai


Boost the reach of your message to Mobile Inbox with Bulk SMS.

Digiutility helps you deliver Bulk Sms directly to the audience of your choice. Digiutility is trusted by more than 10,000 customers to deliver their message. We have been delivering BULK SMS service in India for more than 7 years now.

It is one the most popular ways to reach your prospect audience, it increases visibility of your message as it is delivered directly to your audience’s message inbox of mobile devices. BULK SMS services in India have gained its popularity by transactional message and promotional message. It is one the cheapest options which comes with ability to target an audience and feed your own database.

Below are the different types of SMS services we provide to our customers in the market for their business :

Types Of SMS Services

• Transactional SMS Service
Transactional SMS service is most popular for Banks, Shares Brokerage firms, Insurance Companies and other financial institutes. Financial institutes use this service for sending updates for any new transactions or new changes.

• Promotional SMS Service
Promotional service is most popular for sending new offers, projects launched and sale and services advertisement. It is mostly used by Service Centers, Real Estate Firms, Local Malls and other organizations interested in sending offers.

• Updating & Informative SMS Service
Normal informative messages could be used by many organizations to update their internal employees or sales executives on the field . To update their schedule or task.

Mumbai is the major financial hub of India and we are well known for our financial SMS Service in Mumbai. With our excellent track record of customer retention we are confident that we can service all over India.